Optional AED Pacemaker

MEDLI- TM 2009

MEDLI TM-2009 AED, SPO2, NIBP, Pacemaker, 300 J Optional.

Operating Mode: Manual, Display 7″Colour TFT•

Waveform : Biphasic Truncated Exponential

Energy: 2 to 200 joules in 12 steps selection.

Energy display: Displays selected and charged/delivered

Energy Synchronous Cardio Version : Energy delivery begins within 60 ms of the QRS Peak

Charging Time :6 seconds on Mains.

Paddle Assembly: External paddle assembly with coil retractable high voltage cable. Adults & Pediatric paddle integrated to same handle.

Check Mode: Manual check mode.

Patient Impedance range: 35 ohm to 250 ohm.

Shock Delivery: Through paddles or pads.

Battery : 12 V 4.5Ah, Rechargeable, (Sealed Lead Acid) ,

Back-up time: 3 hours min. 70–100 shock of 150 Joules

Display area: 150 mm x 90 mm

Dimensions : H280 x W 330 x D220 mm (Max) without Paddle.

Weight: Approx,6 Kgs.

Printer Size: 50 X 20. 360 Joules Optional.

MEDLI- AED 7000 M & B